Things you need to know about Areca palms

Areca palms are one of the most popular plants used in home interiors across the world. They are native to Madagascar and naturally found in the islands. The best thing about the Areca palms is that they get acclimatized to the environment. This makes them perfect for growing the tropical regions with humid environments.


These plants have beautiful lush green leaves, with long feathery fronds, which contain about 40 to 50 leaflets on it.  Areca palms are perfect to use for interior decoration in homes and offices.

How to grow Areca palm in your home

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There are two ways to plant the Areca palm plants. Planting with seeds and growing from tiny plants. You can put multiple seeds in a pot, but growing the Areca palms from seeds is difficult, as seeds take at least six weeks to germinate. You can easily get the plants from a nursery and plant them in your pots in the yard or indoors.

Light and Watering

Areca palms need bright light for proper growth as they last longer when placed in direct sunlight. They also need adequate water, but they cannot tolerate the waterlogging or drenched over-drenched soil. You should let the soil completely dry between the watering sessions.

Soil mix and fertilizer

Areca palms need a peat based soil mix and adequate water drainage. Palms prefer good drainage to avoid the water logging of roots. You can use a weak liquid fertilizer once or twice in the growing season, but not in the winter season.

Propagation of Areca palms

It is difficult to find the seeds of Areca palms, but if you find them, you can germinate them at your home by planting them in a seed starting soil. The new green colored seeds have a slow germination rate than the mature orange seeds.

The germination of seeds requires high humidity and takes six weeks to germinate. That is why it is better to plant the grown-up plants than waiting for the seeds to germinate.  The best way to propagate the Areca palms is to divide the clumps and plant them in new containers.

Re-potting the Areca Palms


Areca plants are often planted in clumps, and they grow very fast as compared to other plants. With the time they also form their own clusters which require you to re-pot them in the new containers. Whether you plant the indoor or outdoor, Areca palms need repotting every year. You need to be careful while re-potting, as a slight mistake can damage the root ball.

Maintenance and Care

The fastest way to kill an Areca palm is overwatering or inadequate drainage. You should provide them with proper drainage holes to prevent the over-drenched soil and water them less frequently in winters. Also, they need adequate light if planted indoors. You need to place them outdoors for a few hours every week in the winter season.

Potential Problems

The biggest problem that occurs with these plants is the root rotting. However, you can prevent the rotting of roots by offering adequate watering and drainage. Brown leaf tips can appear if the air is too dry which makes them susceptible to spider mites and bugs. In case of an infestation, wash the plant with insecticidal soap to get rid of the pests and move the plant to a more humid environment.

Final Words

Areca Palms not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home but also filters the air from the toxins. It removes the harmful chemicals from the environment which makes it a must-have plant in your home. Whether you plant Areca palm in your house or yard, taking adequate care can make them grow and accompany you for years.